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What does it mean when we say “The responsible person”?

When it comes to the rules of the Clubhouse we have the term “responsible person” instead of Adult, but what does that even mean? At the age of 14 you become a full member of the clubhouse at Mt. Park. This means you can take Group X classes, swim in the pools when lifeguards are not on duty, and even enjoy the weight room and fitness equipment.   Anyone under the age of 14 always needs a responsible person in the pools, hot tub, steam room, and sauna along with various other places in the clubhouse. We use this term to mean you are responsible for those in your care; be it a younger sibling, family member or guest. For purposes of our rules, the term “responsible person” means that the person is able, in his or her reasonable judgment, to ensure that the person being supervised is kept safe while in the Clubhouse. You are the one making sure the person you are responsible for is following all the rules of the Clubhouse and are being respectful to those around them. If the person you are responsible for is in the pool, you make sure all the rules are being followed even if the lifeguards are on duty. This doesn’t mean that you can sit on the side with your phone or a book as then you would not be able to supervise the person you are responsible for. If a guest does not follow the Clubhouse Rules, the warning or punishment is also given to the member since they are the ones being responsible for the guest. This is one of the reasons why the member always needs to stay with the guest they bring into the facility. You can always check our Clubhouse Rules on the website to see what the age requirements are for each room in the Clubhouse.

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