Mountain Park HOA values our relationship with local realtors! Give us a call at the Clubhouse to set up a time to tour prospective clients. To ensure home sale transactions are seamless for you and your clients, we request you follow the below guidelines.

We request that you please be aware of the following information as well:

Real Estate Marketing Signs:
a. Real estate marketing signs must be oval, 18 inches wide and 24 inches high, and include the Mountain Park logo. A sign provided by a listing agent is allowed if the agent is acting for the owner and the sign complies with these requirements.
b. Real estate signs must have their own stakes or supporting devices.
c. Real Estate signs are limited to one sign per private property being offered for sale or rent.
d. No real estate marketing signs are permitted on houses or structures or in their windows, except real estate marketing signs for condominium units that are for sale or rent.
e. All signs must be removed when the sale is closed or the property is rented.

BuzWhite Screenprint Inc. is our recommended supplier of signage. You can reach them at 503-244-2403 or visit

If you have questions regarding real estate signage, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

If you have additional questions about buying and selling specific homes in Mountain Park, please contact [email protected].