Aquatics 2021-02-19T13:54:56-07:00

Two lap lanes and water walking in the leisure pool area are open. Members must register online. Please limit your reservations to (2) per week. Water walking in the leisure pool is available for 30 minute reservations. A couple from the same household can water walk together. Please limit reservations to (2) per week.

There will be no lifeguards on duty. This means that anyone in the pool area must be 14 years or older. The locker rooms will remain closed until we are able to set up and monitor safe distancing policies. In the meantime, we will have the 2 family changing restrooms open with no showers. Please plan your schedules accordingly.

Mountain Park’s indoor aquatics center features a family-friendly leisure pool, lap pool and therapeutic spa. Framed by innovative architecture featuring beautiful contemporary wood-based décor, the space has large glass windows and curved, natural pool edges.

Three connected environments comprise the center designed to cater to all age groups. From the competitive swimmer to the young pool-goer, there’s something for everyone here – water aerobics, swim classes, lap swimming, technique instruction, safety courses, parties, swim clubs, and regular new offerings.


The leisure pool will be open February 24th for water walking, and Aqua Fit Classes will be coming soon! Please register online.

The Lap Lanes opened on February 24th. Please see registration page for more information.


COVID-19 modified private swim lesson information



Private Swim Lessons are currently full. Please email a completed Private Swim Lesson request form to to secure a spot on our wait list.


1,608 SQ. FT. LAP POOL
  • 3 Well-Maintained Lanes
  • Industry Standard 25-Yard Pool Size

  • Rehabilitative Water Jets
  • Year-Round Heating
  • Comfortable Seating

  • Large, Water-Park-Style Spiral water slide
  • Current Channel: A Slow-Moving River in the Pool
  • Swirling Water Vortex
  • Beach Style Entryway


How old do you need to be to use the hot tub? 2019-09-18T14:00:56-07:00

There are no age restrictions to use the hot tub but children 13 and younger must have a responsible person aged 14 or older present with them.

What is the difference between “Guarded Swim” and “Group Swim”? 2019-09-18T14:01:40-07:00

‘Guarded Swim’ means the pool will have lifeguards on duty. Features like the lazy river and slide may be turned on by request, so long as 4 lifeguards are available and present for safe usage.

‘Group Swim’ means swim classes are being taught by our swim instructors.

When is your annual maintenance and how does it affect Group Swim lessons? 2019-09-18T14:02:20-07:00

Based on Clubhouse usage data, we close our pool for two weeks annually either in late August or September for thorough cleaning and maintenance. This closure often, but not always, coincides with local schools’ start dates. Due to the closure, we do not have Group Swim lessons or Swim Club in September.

How and when do I register for Group Swim Lessons? 2019-09-18T14:03:24-07:00

A registration form must be completed and submitted to the front desk. Members are able to register online. Click on the links above to view the most current brochure and class information.


What is the temperature of the pools? 2019-09-18T14:05:34-07:00

The Lap pool is 82°, the Leisure pool is 87°, and the Spa is 104°


What is your refund/cancellation Policy? 2019-09-18T14:06:22-07:00

Failure to adhere to program policies is cause for dismissal with no refund of fees.

No make-ups, refunds, or credits for unexpected pool closures or weather-related closures. · Classes with fewer than 2 participants will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the schedule at any time up to and during a session.

Group classes run in any weather unless Mountain Park HOA deems the conditions unsafe. We make every effort to reschedule due to weather but cannot guarantee make-ups.

Are swim caps required? 2017-12-29T18:56:48-07:00

No, swim caps are not required in any of our pools.


When and who can use the water slide? 2019-11-06T10:13:38-07:00

The water slide is available by request on Saturdays from 1:15pm-4:45pm during the winter, spring, and fall months.

During summer months, the water slide is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday by request from 1:15pm-4:45pm. Please note that there must be 4 lifeguards available and present for safe usage.

Users must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the water slide. Maximum weight is 300lbs, per manufacturer’s guidelines. Single riders only. Adults cannot put a child on their lap to slide down the slide.

Which group swim lesson level is right for my child? 2019-09-18T14:08:44-07:00

We offer a free swim test between sessions, which is recommended for any participant new to our program. Testing dates are:

  • Thursday 12/19/19 at 6pm
  • Saturday 12/21/19 at 12pm
  • Thursday 3/19/20 at 6pm
  • Saturday 3/21/20 at 12pm
  • Thursday 6/18/20 at 6pm
  • Saturday 6/20/20 at 12pm
  • Thursday 8/27/20 at 6pm
  • Saturday 8/29/20 at 12pm

When are Group Swim lessons?

Group Swim lessons are Tuesday/Thursday from 4:15pm-6pm, and Saturday 9am-12pm. More information can be found in the aquatics program information brochure.


When are group swim lessons? 2017-12-29T18:55:40-07:00

A: We have group lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:15pm-6:00pm and Saturday mornings between 8:30am-12:00pm. Class times vary depending on which level your child is signed up for.