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Mountain Park’s indoor aquatics center features a family-friendly leisure pool, lap pool and therapeutic spa. Framed by innovative architecture featuring beautiful contemporary wood-based décor, the space has large glass windows and curved, natural pool edges.

Three connected environments comprise the center designed to cater to all age groups. From the competitive swimmer to the young pool-goer, there’s something for everyone here – water aerobics, swim classes, lap swimming, technique instruction, safety courses, parties, swim clubs, and regular new offerings.


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Aquatics Coordinator
Ashley Vaughn



Winter term class registration for Mountain Park HOA members will be available online starting November 1. Registration for non-members will open November 15. Be sure to register the student by using their member ID number (found on your club card under the barcode). The username and password is the student’s member ID number.


Saturdays Group Swimming Lessons
Classes are 30-minutes long
$40 for members/$55 for non-members

Tuesday and Thursday Evening Group Swimming Lessons
Twice a week group swimming lessons
Classes are 30-minutes long
$70 for members/ $90 for non-members

Click on this link for a complete price sheet of all the ½ hour private swim lessons we offer for members.

If you are interested in participating in lessons, and this is your first time, complete this Private Swim Registration form to be matched with a Private Instructor.

For more information regarding Adult/Teen swim lessons, please contact the Aquatics Coordinator, Ashley Vaughn at

Beginning Swim Club (every Tuesday and Thursday 4:30pm-5:30pm) is for those who have graduated out of swim lessons but still want to stay active in the water.  This twice a week class works with a coach who will take them through the beginning stages of being on a swim team.  Minimum skill requirements are 100 yards free style, 100 yards back stroke, 50 yards breast stroke, 25 yards butterfly. Tryout is required to join.
$60 member/$70 non-member

 Advanced Swim Club (every Monday and Wednesday 4:30pm-5:30pm) is for those who are on the more advanced side of swimming and know they don’t want to swim competitively.  This twice a week class works with a coach who will take them through drills and workouts to expand their skill and endurance in the water.  Minimum skill requirements are 200 yards free style, 200 yards back stroke, 100 yards breast stroke, 25 yards butterfly.  Tryout is required to join.
$60 member/$70 non-member

Tryouts are by appointment only. Please contact the Aquatics Coordinator at


1,608 SQ. FT. LAP POOL
  • 3 Well-Maintained Lanes
  • Industry Standard 25-Yard Pool Size
  • Portable Pool Lift For Those With Limited Access

  • Rehabilitative Water Jets
  • Year-Round Heating
  • Comfortable Seating

  • Large, Water-Park-Style Spiral Waterslide
  • Current Channel: A Slow-Moving River in the Pool
  • Swirling Water Vortex
  • Beach Style Entryway
  • Portable Pool Lift for Those With Limited Access


How old do you need to be to use the hot tub? 2017-12-29T19:04:32+00:00

Anyone can be in the hot tub, as long as they have a responsible person age 14 or older in the room with them.

What is the difference between “Guarded Swim” and “Group Swim”? 2017-12-29T19:04:35+00:00

Guarded Swim has the features on and lifeguards working–Anyone under the age of 10 needs a responsible person age 10 or above in the room with them.

Group Swim has no features or lifeguards—anyone under the age of 14 needs a responsible person age 14 or above in the room with them.

Why don’t you have any lessons in September? 2017-11-21T21:56:32+00:00

We do annual maintenance every September which lasts 2- 3 weeks.

How and when do I register for group classes? 2018-08-15T22:55:29+00:00

To register for Group classes, you must fill out a registration form and submit it to the front desk with full payment. You may register for 3 months at a time.

• Winter Session (December, January, and February) Registration opens November 1st for Members (November 15th for Non-Members)

• Spring Session (March, April, May) Registration opens February 1st for Members (February 15th for Non-Members)

• Summer Session (June, July, and August) Registration opens May 1st for Members (May 15th for Non-Members)

• Fall Session (October and November) Registration opens September 1st for Members (September 15th for Non-Members) *Group swim lessons are not offered in September due to annual pool maintenance*


What is the temperature of the pools? 2017-11-21T21:58:42+00:00

A: Lap pool is 83* Leisure Pool is 85* Spa is 102*


What is your Refund/Cancellation Policy? 2017-12-29T18:58:06+00:00

• Failure to adhere to program policies is cause for dismissal with no refund of fees.

• A complete refund will be given if written notification of cancellation is given at least two weeks prior to the start of the program.

• No refund will be given if a participant leaves a program early for any reason; if a participant cancels within two weeks of the start of the program; given if a participant does not show up for the program.

• Refunds will be given for medical or death with the proper paperwork provided to Mt. Park. Once paperwork is given to Mt. Park the refund will then go forward with processing.

• No refunds will be given for any reason after 3 months post purchase of item, event or program.


Are swim caps required? 2017-12-29T18:56:48+00:00

No, swim caps are not required in any of our pools.


When and who can use the waterslide? 2017-12-29T18:55:00+00:00

Our water slide is open on Saturday and Sundays between 1:15pm-4:45pm and only when enough staff is available. You must be at least 48 inches tall to ride the water slide. Single riders only, which mean you, cannot put a smaller child on your lap to slide down the slide.


Which level do I sign my child up for? 2017-12-29T18:56:14+00:00

A: We offer a free swim evaluation for anyone who is unsure which swim level to sign up for. You just need to make an appointment with the Aquatics Coordinator.


When are group swim lessons? 2017-12-29T18:55:40+00:00

A: We have group lessons on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4:15pm-6:00pm and Saturday mornings between 8:30am-12:00pm. Class times vary depending on which level your child is signed up for.

Aquatics News


We are so excited to bring back a deep water aerobics class after 6 years. Water aerobics uses the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a wide variety of conditioning activity. There is no swimming required in water aerobics and flotation devices are used frequently. Water exercise helps increase your energy, stamina, and strength Runs every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. Please contact