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Clubhouse And Tennis Court Parking Lot Policy Enforcement Has Begun!

As Clubhouse Users are aware, adequate parking to utilize the Clubhouse facilities is becoming a problem. The Mt. Park HOA Clubhouse and Tennis Court Parking Lot Policy has been developed to assure access to the Clubhouse facilities by members (residents and patrons) and guests, and when necessary by emergency vehicles and those requiring handicap parking.

By order of the fire department, any vehicle parked in a “No Parking Zone” may be towed away without notice at the expense of the vehicle owner.

When it is necessary to drop off and/or pick up passengers and/or equipment in front of the Clubhouse, do not park longer than 15 minutes unless written approval is obtained from a Manager-On-Duty.

The Mt. Park HOA Clubhouse (both upper and lower lots) and tennis court parking lots are reserved for use by association members and guests using the Clubhouse amenities, participating in Clubhouse or Playschool activities, attending events, and playing tennis. Parking spaces are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, other than those spaces designated for loading and unloading, designated events, and disabled.

Parking in these lots is permitted only when the Clubhouse is open. No overnight parking is permitted.

Violation of these policies could result in the towing of the vehicle without notice or warning at the expense of the vehicle owner.

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