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Within Mountain Park, 185 acres of land are common property. Common property belongs to all of the MPHOA members.  With guidance from the Common Property Committee (CPC), the Landscape Stewardship Department is responsible for managing this common property, which includes urban woodlands, meadows, miles of walking trails, creeks, streams, wildlife habitat, parks, play areas, native and ornamental plantings, and neighborhood monuments.  The CPC consists of MPHOA members, Board members, and staff.  The mission of the CPC is to offer oversight and guidance to both MPHOA residents and staff regarding common property.  Guided by the vision of Landscape Designer and neighborhood founder, Carl Halvorson, the Landscape Stewards aim to manage and maintain the common property based on environmentally responsible and ecologically sustainable land management practices in order to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the residents, the flora and the fauna of this unique community, based on best management practices.


Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.  In our case, there are 185 acres of common property entrusted to the care of the Landscape Stewardship Department.  Our goal is to use industry best management practices for landscape stewardship tasks in the field of landscape management, horticulture and arboriculture.

To achieve this, we are in the process of reinventing the Landscape Stewardship Department and creating organizational and public resources for more efficient operations.  We want this department to be part of the community.  Additionally, we are updating, expanding, implementing, and drafting new policies and procedures regarding the management and maintenance of common property.  More importantly, we are focused on finding long-term solutions for day-to-day, seasonal and yearly challenges that arise from the size, location and layout of Mountain Park.

Here are some examples of how we steward the common property:

  • Maintain and expand the tree canopy, and implement preventative pruning for overall tree health
  • Plant native species
  • Remove and manage invasive species
  • Explore opportunities to create bioswales, rain gardens and other water management features
  • Investigate ways to manage stormwater and mitigate erosion
  • Restore streams and riparian areas
  • Practice water-wise irrigation by removing unnecessary turf areas, replanting with natives, and monitoring irrigation
  • Engage with the community and offer outreach, volunteer events and educational workshops
  • Utilize arborist chips as mulch
  • Transition away from synthetic chemicals
  • Apply organic herbicides and fertilizers
  • Use proper pruning techniques
  • Brew and use compost tea to increase beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  • Explore options for creating edible landscapes, including community gardens
  • And more…


Periodically, a homeowner may wish to request that the Landscape Stewardship Department consider additional or potential landscape-related care on Mt. Park Common Property. The Common Property Work Request (CPWR) is the way for the homeowner to submit a request to the Landscape Stewardship Department for consideration. For more information about CPWRs, please refer to the MPHOA Common Property Policies (link below).

A homeowner can submit a CPWR in any of the following ways:

  1. Use the fillable online form by clicking on the link on the right side of the screen under “Common Property”, save it as a pdf document on your computer, and attach the form to an email. Then send it to us at
  2. Print the form at the link below and submit it at the Clubhouse.
  3. Paper forms are also available at the Clubhouse.

If a homeowner has a request, concern, or emergency that involves a street, sidewalk, or right-of way, please call the City of Lake Oswego at 503-635-0280; this includes fallen trees, blocked storm grates, and snow or ice related emergencies.


Mountain Park has 40 trails that need to be named. Our theme is nature. Take a look at the maps and stop by the Clubhouse to drop off your votes. Or you can send a descriptive e-mail to Voting closes on November 24!

Aquinas to Upper Kerr
Mt. Sylvania to Cervantes
Tanglewood to McNary
Touchstone to Lower Kerr