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KidZone is dedicated to providing quality wellness programs to youth of all ages. We strive to help children explore the world in a safe environment and grow as happy and healthy individuals through physical activities and creative play with quality coaches and staff.

The goal of the Mt. Park KidZone Sports department is to offer children a variety of ways to stay active and healthy. We strive to help children find fun and exciting ways to exercise, and to help encourage an active lifestyle throughout the rest of their lives.

We want the youth of Mt. Park to feel that the Clubhouse is a place where they can hang out with friends and enjoy what Mt. Park has to offer. Our fun programs are geared to what children want to do in their spare time with friends, but without help from parents.

KidZone Coordinator
Cassidy Jorgensen

Basketball Tykes (Mondays, Monthly)
KidZone Basketball Tykes is an introduction to the basics of dribbling, passing, and shooting and includes fun games and exercises to develop your child’s athleticism. The size of the hoops and basketballs are modified to encourage proper dribbling and shooting mechanics.
Ages 4-7; 4-4:45 PM, $40 Members/$50 Non-Members

KidZone Soccer (Saturdays, Monthly)
KidZone Soccer teaches children the basics of the world’s favorite sport through fun games and engaging drills that build their skill set. Spark your child’s love for soccer within our positive and encouraging environment.
Soccer Tykes: Ages 4-7; 9-9:45 AM; $40 Members/$50 Non-Members
Soccer Kidz: Ages 7-10; 9:45-10:30 AM, $40 Members/$50 Non-Members

Little Athletes (Mondays, Monthly)
It’s never too early to get your little ones started on the road to professional sports! KidZone Little Athletes is focused on exercises that encourage the development of large motor skills through sports including basketball, soccer, and t-ball.
Ages 2-3; 10:15 – 10:45 AM; $25 Members/$35 Non-Members

Family Yoga Class (Thursdays, Monthly)
This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills.  Parents and children will strengthen their bodies as they learn breathing and relaxation techniques. Registration includes one child OR one child and one family member.
Ages  3-5; 4-4:30 PM, $30 Members/$40 Non-Members

Beginner Tumbling (Wednesdays, Monthly)
KidZone Tumbling classes are designed to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and bodily awareness through tumbling activities, games, drills, and stretches. Classes are tailored for each individual so that students are continuously challenged in new ways, regardless of their experience level. Children will have fun and build confidence in a safe and active environment.
Ages 3-5; 4-4:30 PM, $35 Members/$45 Non-Members

Tiny Dancerz (Thursdays, Monthly)
Tiny Dancerz is a class for preschoolers to learn the basics of rhythm and body movement with the use of scarves, ribbons and more!
Ages 2-5; 4:45-5:15 PM, $25 Members/$35 Non-Members

Hip Hop – Beginner (Thursdays, Monthly)
Hip Hop – Beginner is an introduction to the basics of hip-hop rhythm and coordination in an environment that promotes confidence and having fun!
Ages 5-12; 5:30-6:15 PM $40 Members/$50 Non-Members

Hip Hop – Intermediate (Thursdays, Monthly)
Hip Hop – Intermediate continues the skills learned in Hip Hop-Beginner and caters to kids with previous hip-hop experience. In this class, students will learn more advanced techniques, musicality and choreography.
Ages 5-12; 6:15-7:00 PM $40 Members/$50 Non-Members

Kidz Night Out (Monthly)
Drop the kiddos off at 5 PM for some fun in the pool or bounce house, as well as engage in themed craft projects and group games. Then we’ll meet upstairs in the Hawthorn Room to eat pizza and watch a movie. Parents are welcome to join us for the movie, or pick up at any time!
Ages 3-12; 5-9 PM, $30 Members/$40 Non-Members
($20 & $30 for Additional Siblings)

The goal of all of our camps is to expose children to a variety of activities that will help them explore the world in a new way. We do this by helping them build new social skills while interacting with other campers and creating a positive health and wellness environment that encourages exploration. During the campers’ time here they will gain great friends, priceless experiences, and new skills. All camp schedules follow Lake Oswego and Portland Public Schools calendars.

Winter Break Camp – Last 2 weeks in December
Spring Break Camp – Last week in March
Summer Camp – A different theme every week throughout the summer!

For ages 5-12. Camps runs from 7:30 AM to 6 PM unless otherwise noted on the registration.

Activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Group Games & Team-Building
  • Local Hikes
  • Sports Games
  • Nutrition
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Science & Engineering Projects
  • Spotlight Guest Programs