Mountain Park HOA Assessments

The current COVID-19 situation that has befallen us in the Mountain Park community and beyond, has undoubtedly brought much uncertainty into our lives. At the HOA offices, it is our responsibility to do our best in answering any questions that community members send our way.

A frequently asked question as of late has been in regards to HOA assessments and whether or not homeowners are still responsible for paying them during this time.

MPHOA is funded primarily by the assessments its members pay either semi-annually or each month if on our AutoPay Program.  The assessment structure is established in the CC&Rs, which make it mandatory both for MPHOA to levy and collect the assessments and for the owners to pay them.  These obligations do not change when economic hardship befalls some or all of us and any shortfall in assessments ends up being passed on to everyone else in the community.  For that reason, although the Board of Directors is sympathetic to the hardships facing many members right now, it cannot waive or reduce assessments for individual owners. If you are having difficulty paying your assessments, please reach out to management at to discuss payment plan options.

We sincerely hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Please continue to visit our website at for updated information as we work through these unprecedented challenges together.