Landscape Stewardship – Yard Debris Policy Changes Starting January 3, 2019

Over the course of last spring and summer, the Yard Debris Task Force used community input to improve the efficiency of Mountain Park’s excess yard debris collection service. Changes to the excess yard debris collection service for residents are listed below and will take effect in January 2019. Please keep in mind that for the quickest response time, excess yard debris pick-up requests should be sent via e-mail to For a printable yard debris pick-up schedule, visit our website at


  • Mountain Park will provide green yard debris bins for residents at no charge.
  • Mountain Park will continue to provide pick-up service for excess yard debris at no charge.


  • Residents should email or call for extra yard debris pick-up service between January through September.
  • Pick-up for Mountain Park will shift to Mondays only.
  • October – December: Regular pick-up for excess yard debris for the whole of Mountain Park will be on Mondays only.


1). You may request as many green bins at any time as you need, as long as you can store them out of sight.

2). If bins are not enough, yard debris paper bags can be used. Monday becomes the pick-up day for yard debris paper bags for all Mountain Park residents. This is a change from the current pick-up system that coincides with Republic Services collection for the majority of MPHOA.

3). Pick-up of yard debris paper bags is not automatic except during the High Season (see below). You will need to send an email to by Sunday night for paper bag pick-up on Monday. Or you can call and leave a message at 503-635-8333.

4). The yard debris dumpster at the maintenance yard remains an option for everyone. If you wish to use it, come to the Clubhouse front desk to ask for the key and return it by the end of that day to avoid any key replacement fees.

HIGH SEASON (October-December):

5). You may request extra green bins during high debris season (October-December.) These bins can be stored along your house or driveway.

6). The “Store Out of Sight” rule would be waived only for temporary additional green bins and only during the high yard debris season. (October – December.)

7). Yard debris paper bag pick-up will be done every Monday during high yard debris season with no need to email or call for pickup.