Landscape Stewardship – Respecting Nature’s Neighborhood (on behalf of Steve Milton)

With the warmer and dryer weather we are noticing more litter (drinking cups, plastic grocery bags, beverage cans, etc.) being pitched on the side of our beautiful streets here in Mt. Park. Our landscape team does an amazing job each week keeping our neighborhood looking beautifully manicured and nature inspired. There is no other community in Lake Oswego like Mt. Park, “nature’s neighborhood”…so please do the right thing and toss your trash in the available trash cans. Or dispose of your cup, sandwich wrapper, etc. when you get home.  

It has also come to our attention that used doggie poop bags are being left along the roadside on Tanglewood Drive and other streets. This is not acceptable practice and it is not the job of our landscaping crew (or other residents) to pick up after another person’s dog. All dog owners are responsible for picking up after their own pet. Leaving used doggie bags on the road is considered littering.