President’s Message – June 2018

Greeting, Neighbors!

I’m sad to announce the retirement of Carol Cook, our Executive Director, effective July 1st.  Carol has led the operational arm of MPHOA for almost 6 years. Her oversight of financial matters has been exemplary and has enabled us to attain financial stability and establish a solid foundation for decades to come.  Carol’s leadership of staff has been instrumental in achieving clubhouse facilities that provide a safe, inviting environment and fitness programs that appeal to a wide variety of members.

Carol, thank you for your service and sharing your skills over the years!  Happy retirement!

Finding a new Executive Director is the top priority for the Board.  As of this writing, our Search Committee is screening potential candidates through telephone interviews. Successful applicants will be brought in for on-site interviews. While we hope to on-board someone as soon as possible, finding the right person is key. An interim plan to carry us through a gap-time is also being drawn up.

Many thanks for the outstanding response to participate in the Common Property Master Planning Task Force.  Theron Post, Board liaison for Common Property, recently solicited volunteers and received a generous number of residents willing to be part of this planning process.  Although the task force can’t accommodate all who responded, Theron hopes to be able to use the skills of all volunteers in the important work of stewardship of the MPHOA Common Property.

Volunteers and staff are the life of this community and MPHOA depends on your talents and abilities to keep this organization going.

Best regards to all,

Eleanor Kurtus

P.S. MPHOA is celebrating our 50th Anniversary this year.  Our Events Manager and Anniversary Committee will be sharing details of summer events to celebrate this milestone.