President’s Message

Greetings, Neighbors!

Mountain Park offers residents many amenities such as miles of trails, beautiful trees, a clubhouse filled with activities, and not least of all, well-cared for properties within an aesthetic neighborhood.  As owners and residents, we care for our properties and want to preserve and increase the beauty and value of our neighborhood.  In order to accomplish this, the HOA has a set of governing documents that assure the maintenance and quality of our common and private property.

Occasionally residents are not aware of the rules or perhaps circumstances occur that cause properties to fall into disrepair; the HOA must then use an enforcement procedure to bring them up to standards.  Unfortunately, this enforcement process may take time to achieve results.  Neighbors may think the situation is being ignored because it can be a lengthy process to see any improvement.

The process starts with our CC&R Manager who notifies an owner that standards are not being met.  The owner is given a reasonable amount of time to comply and/or contact the HOA.  If the owner is unwilling or unable to comply, the matter turns into a legal process which may involve an injunction followed by a lawsuit.   The legal process is not taken lightly and costs the HOA thousands of dollars to initiate with the hope of recouping the money.

The Home Care Committee has undertaken a review and revamping of our Enforcement Policy and Procedures and is taking into account recommendations from our attorney.  Working together with the Board the end result will be an equitable policy that protects both the owners and the HOA.

Best regards to all,
Eleanor Kurtus