Landscape Stewardship – Preakness Park Awarded Grant

The Landscape Stewardship Department in association with the City of Lake Oswego through support from the Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) has procured grant funds for the enhancement of Preakness Park.  Preakness Park is a main entry point to the Tanglewood Park Trail System located just off of Churchill Downs and accessed via McNary Parkway. The grant proposal sought funding to assist in the development of increased Stormwater Management*, construction of a Children’s Natural Playscape, and the overall enhancement of the parks’ physical elements.  If you are interested you may view the grant proposal and award notification available on the Mountain Park website at the following address:

*Please note that funding for Objective 2 “Stormwater Mitigation” was removed from the final grant award due to an existing stormwater improvement project established by the City of Lake Oswego as a part of their 5-year Capital Improvement Plan.

As residents of Mountain Park we would like to formally invite you to provide feedback regarding the slated improvements to Preakness Park.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to voice them directly to the Landscape Stewardship Department.  If possible, please respond in writing via e-mail or Common Property Work Request (CPWR).  Having a physical copy of all correspondence helps our department properly track all requests and address them more adequately.  Again, this is simply an opportunity for you to provide feedback and is not a requirement, though we encourage community involvement. A town hall style forum is currently scheduled for February 20, 2019; whereby any questions, concerns, or recommendations will be addressed prior to beginning the construction phase of the project in March 2019.

Please let us know what you think! The deadline to submit feedback is February 1, 2019.     


The Landscape Stewardship Department

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