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  • Semi-annual bills can be paid with a check made payable to Mountain Park HOA and mailed with the remittance coupon to our payment processing center in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is where all payments are recorded before being reported to our local office in Mountain Park. Your account number, located on your bill, should be noted in the memo line of your payment check.
  • Checks must be received by the due date printed on the assessment statement in order to avoid a $50 late fee. Mail to: Mountain Park HOA, PO Box 63041, Charlotte, NC 28263-3041. Please do not bring your assessment payment check to the Clubhouse


  • As an alternative to paying semi-annually, Mountain Park HOA offers an Automatic Monthly Payment Plan (MPAMPP). This free service allows Mountain Park HOA to automatically deduct one-sixth of your semi-annual assessment and related charges on a monthly basis directly from your bank account. In order to be on the MPAMPP, participants need to sign up before December 10th for semi-annual billing billed January 1st or before June 10th for the semi-annual billing billed July 1st.
  • Once signed up, no further action is needed. The withdrawals will continue until cancelled or the property sells.


  • PayLease – This third party payment service offers owners the ability to make one-time or recurring e-check or credit card payments. Owners may log on to PayLease by clicking their logo or the payment button on this page. The owner determines the amount to be paid, the frequency of the payment, and the day of the month payment is scheduled.
  • Important considerations:
    • PLEASE NOTE, you must pay the whole semi-annual amount billed to you within 30 days of the invoice date in order to avoid the $50 late fee.
    • Payment amounts are established by the property owner.  Mountain Park HOA does not upload your balance to your PayLease account so the amount due will always show $0.00, even if you have a balance due.   Please pay the amount due found on your billing statement from Mountain Park HOA.  PayLease will NOT automatically adjust each year to the appropriate assessment amount; property owners must update their PayLease account.
    • Account information is privately held between PayLease and the property owner.
    • Processing fees apply for all credit card payments, as well as for  e-checks.
        • $2.95 per transaction for any form of payment.
        • 2.95% of the amount charged on a credit card.
    • PayLease payments typically take three business days to process.
    • For additional information regarding PayLease, call 866-729-5327.