Neighborhood Electrical Work by PGE

Portland General Electric will be performing electrical work on some of their underground facilities within the Mountain Park neighborhood. Expect to see PGE crews and MPHOA Landscape Stewards working on Mountain Park properties within the next few weeks.

From PGE:
“Often to accomplish this work, the crews will have to access private property, which may involve entry to your yard. They will only need access to your property if you have a transformer (3x3x2 green box or an underground vault (4×4 vault cover) usually placed in the front or back corner of the property. If you have an underground facility on your property and we cannot access it due to a locked gate or for another reason, please call us (503-672-5589) so we can make arrangements for the inspection. The crews will not need to enter your residence.”

For further information, please refer to the links below:
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