Pay Your Assessment Charges on a Monthly Basis

Did you know you can pay your assessment charges on a monthly basis?  With the Mountain Park Automatic Monthly Payment Plan you can stretch your semi-annual payments, normally due by January 1st and July 1st, over 6 months.  For example, a Mountain Park semi-annual assessment charge of $499 is due July 1st and must be received by July 31st.   If you sign up for the Mountain Park Automatic Monthly Payment Plan (MPAMPP), you would instead pay $83.17 per month starting in July 2018.  The amount is taken from your bank account around the 5th of every month so you don’t have to write checks, find a postage stamp, or remember to pay every six months.

It’s easy!  

  1. Just complete the MPAMPP Authorization Form available at the Clubhouse or online.
  2. Include a voided check or a print out from your bank with your routing and account numbers
  3. Send it to our accounting department either by mailing to the address on the form or by email at

Forms must be received by June 10th in order to process them in time for the July withdrawal.  

* The Mountain Park Automatic Monthly Payment Plan cannot be used to pay past due assessments unless it is combined with the current monthly portion of the assessment and an additional formal written payment plan agreement is signed. Inquire to

What is the best way to pay your semi-annual assessment on time?
If you pay your assessments semi-annually, you should be receiving your assessment statement for the second six months of 2018 by the third week of June. The payment must be received by us (not postmarked, but in our bank account) by July 31, 2018. Many of you are prompt payers and we really appreciate your diligence to pay your assessment charges on time.  But did you know that if you drop your payment off or mail it to our clubhouse it takes longer to process? That’s right. Mailing it to our local address is actually the worse way to get your payment recorded on time.  

Instead, starting in 2018, you have two ways to pay your semi-annual assessment.  You can now pay online or you can mail your check to our payment processing center in North Carolina.

  • Paying online is now available.  A flyer will be included with your semi-annual bill explaining how to pay online.  It is relatively simple, just sign into our website and click on HOA, then Pay Assessment.  Scroll down and read the information regarding paying online and then click on MAKE A PAYMENT.  You will be directed to the PayLease website where you will input your payment information. Please note that fees are charged by PayLease for this service.  Please be sure to have your Mountain Park account number handy. It is located on the top right of your statement. Also, you will need to pay the whole semi-annual amount before July 31st in order to be considered paid on time.
  • Paying by check needs to be mailed to the address in North Carolina that is listed on the payment coupon on your bill.  That address is our bank’s payment processing center lock box, so your payment is guaranteed to be processed immediately upon receipt.  To assure that your payment is handled efficiently and not rejected back to our local office, which can take up to 10 days, please write your six digit account number in the memo line of your check and include your payment coupon.  If you use a payment system through your bank, please be sure that your six digit account number is included in the payment set up and listed on the bill payment check. Additionally, please be sure your bill payment system is set up for the correct amount for 2018.  Mail your semi-annual assessment payment no later than July 24th to:

Mountain Park HOA

PO Box 63041

Charlotte, NC 28263-3041

Don’t forget to write on your check payment your six digit account number, found on the middle top of your payment coupon.  Also, please be sure you are paying the amount in the yellow box on the payment coupon.