Landscape Stewardship, Invasive Species – Cooperative Spirit

The Mt. Park Landscape Stewardship Department and CC&R Manager would like to send out a public ‘thank you’ to owners in our community that worked with the Association by removing the invasive species ‘Lesser Celandine’ this past spring. cooperative spirit plant

Lesser Celandine is an early flowering invasive plant that displays beautiful yellow flowers, it is highly aggressive, out-competes native and ornamental plants by secreting growth-suppressing chemicals into the soil, and is toxic to most mammals.  Mt. Park removed Lesser Celandine from the common property, reached out to owners to inform them of this species on their property, and sent educational information that included the best way to remove these plants in an effort to work with our community.

Invasive species are an area where Mt. Park and owners throughout the community need to work together to manage infestations and we will continue to work to notify and educate owners on this subject.  Mt. Park has posted informational brochures on the many types of invasive species to the website.  You may find these brochures at the following site: