Landscape Stewardship – Achievements of 2018

The Landscape Stewardship Department has had a very busy year in 2018.  Although there is still a great deal to do over the coming months and years we would like to provide a short summary of the achievements in 2018. 

Invasive Species Removal
We began the first phase of intensive invasive species removal, which has focused on the removal of English Ivy throughout the Common Property of Mountain Park as well as invasive tree species throughout the Tanglewood and Cellini Trail Systems.

Trail Improvements
1,750 feet of trails have been resurfaced with crushed rock on Mount Sylvania and in Tanglewood Park

3,750 feet of trails have been repaved in Tanglewood Park, along McNary Pkwy, on Cervantes and the south east side of the Clubhouse.

5,000 trees, shrubs, and groundcovers, both native and ornamental, were purchased this year.  We will be continuing to plant during the primary planting season that ranges from October-February in the Pacific Northwest.  See below for a list of places plants have been placed so far this year!

24,000 flowering bulbs were purchased this fall including: tulips, daffodils, crocuses, alliums, etc… Be on the lookout for these bulbs to begin flowering in February:

Planting Locations
Aquinas 2 Trail
Cellini Island
Cellini Park Raingarden
Cervantes 2 Trail
Cervantes 3 Trail @ Kerr
Clubhouse – Independence Side
Eaglecrest RS
Eaglecrest/Stephenson Corridor
El Greco 1 Trail @ Botticelli
El Greco 2 Trail
Gutman Park @ Tree Rings
Greenridge (across from Cirque)
Tanglewood 10 Trail @ Gress Access
Hotspur Island
Independence Monument
Jefferson RSB by Mtn. View
Jefferson RS @ The Bluffs
Kerr 6 Trail @ Tunnels
Kerr/Touchstone Monuments
Kingsgate Trail
Kingsgate Monument
McNary 7 Trail
McNary 8 Trail @ Cirque
McNary Hedge by Northview
McNary Islands (1-10)
McNary RSB (Mtn Park Church to Churchill Downs)
Mtn. View Lane Monument
Northview Ct.
Polonius / Touchstone 3 Trail
St. Helens Circle
Tanglewood 14 Trail @ Independence
Touchstone/Carman Monument
Walking Woods Monument @ McNary
Yorick Island

Safety Improvements
Safety improvements: all trail entrances have been marked with curb paint. The fire lanes were painted according to City of Lake Oswego’s fire code. We also marked and placed Pedestrian crossing signage on trail/sidewalk and road intersections to alert drivers. This project will continue in 2019.

Common Property Work Requests
The department responded to close to 300 Common Property Work Requests in 2018.

Community Outreach
We held the first ever State of the Land town hall meeting in February to gather community input from residents. The 2018 Common Property Master Plan partially based on input received from residents via email, an online survey, and a town hall meeting in August. We are continuously improving the Department’s website to provide more and more information to residents.

Some of Our Goals for 2019
Continue invasive species removal, plant more trees, shrubs and groundcovers, replant the parking lot beds at the Clubhouse (by creating ornamental, native and edible gardens), work on the rejuvenation of the urban forest, repave more trails, and in general beautify Mountain Park.