President’s Message

Goals for the New Year
My thoughts are with each one of you for a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

As we move into a New Year many people set goals for themselves, things to accomplish and do that will help them become better individuals.  In similar fashion, the MPHOA (Mountain Park Homeowners Association) has set goals and objectives with a horizon extending up to 5 years.

Although the HOA has a basic purpose which is to provide for the maintenance, preservation, and operation of the Common Property, we needed to add the human element to this mission and outline more specific actions that will promote the health, safety, welfare, and common good of our residents.

During the year, the Board of Directors and staff met to set priorities and decide where we want to focus our energies to strengthen and better ourselves as an organization.  Our first task was to establish a vision describing what we saw as our future position and have written it as: 

The Vision for Mountain Park

Mountain Park will be recognized as a progressive and vibrant Homeowners Association with a diverse population of members, residents, and staff working cooperatively in a healthy and sustainable community to provide a high quality of life.

Using the Vision statement as the guidepost for the direction we want to head in, four major Goals with subordinate objectives were written.  In this article I present the first one.

Goal A.   MPHOA will focus on strategic actions to achieve a progressive and vibrant HOA, supporting a healthy and sustainable community thus continuously improving the relative value of our properties.

Some of the objectives under this Goal include:


  • Improve the quality and appearance of properties to implement and enforce standards of Architecture and Home Care.
  • Evaluate staffing and office space needs.
  • Improve the Common Properties as a priority investment.
  • Improve the clubhouse facility and ensure programs are responsive to community needs.
  • Establish cooperative liaisons with the City of Lake Oswego, Metro and other government bodies.


Solid progress so far is evident with the first bullet point as our CC&R Manager, Executive Director, and Home Care committee have worked together to revamp procedures regarding Home Care.  There is much anticipation of a streamlined and effective flow as processes are shored up to comply with legal and HOA requirements.  Also, our Common Property Committee is wrapping up a document with a 5-Year Plan for maintenance of Common Properties. 

In subsequent months I’ll discuss the other goals and give an update of their progress.

Best regards and Happy New Year!

Eleanor Kurtus