Homeowner Portal – My Contact Info & Communication Preferences

We continue to have homeowners create their Homeowner Portal everyday. Take a few minutes to register your account today and you’ll understand why so many people are finding it convenient!
My Contact Info & Communication Preferences
The Homeowner Portal is a new software program that the HOA has adopted and with any new software comes the need to update the user database.

At times we will receive questions from homeowners regarding what e-mail they have on file. Now you have the option of updating your contact information instead of having to check with the HOA first. You can even add the e-mail address of your partner or spouse.

The Homeowner Portal also allows you to receive HOA communications in whatever format you would like them. Do you prefer the paperless option via email? Great! Help us provide the service you would like by updating your communication preferences. Please note that it may take time to for the HOA to implement these changes on a broad scale but by changing your preferences today we will know what you prefer for individual communications. All communication preferences are currently defaulted to e-mail. Please access your portal to make any changes.

Use the tutorial below to learn how to make these adjustments in the portal.


Moving from the Website to the Portal

The following information will be removed from the Mountain Park website on April 23, 2021:
  • Finances Webpage
  • Assessments Webpage
  • Board of Directors Webpage & Board Meeting Minutes
This information can already be found in the “Documents” section of the Homeowner Portal in the file “Additional Information”.