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The Mt. Park CC&R’s restricts the parking of recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, etc. on lots within the community.  Mountain Park does have space for rent in the RV Lot at 25 Abelard.   The RV lot not a covered facility, access is available 24 hours a day and is secure with surveillance and a locked gate.


Small (usually under 22 feet): $300.00 for six months (billed with semiannual assessment)

Large: $360.00 for six months (billed with semiannual assessment)


When signing the lease agreement, a current Oregon Driver’s License and the vehicle title will need to be shown. The rental payment for the current period (up to 6 months) and a $100 proximity FOB deposit will be collected at the time of signing.

Please have the following information available when signing the agreement:

Length of Vehicle
Brand Name
Title Number
Color/Other Identifying Characteristics
License Numbers
Registration/ID Numbers

All vehicles in the RV lot are registered with the association.  There is currently a waiting list for spaces, so if you are a member of Mountain Park, please send an email to service@mtparkhoa.com to be added to the waiting list.

Part of the responsibility of owning a dog is cleaning up after him/her.  Mt. Park is committed to helping you as a dog owner meet the responsibility of cleaning up after your pet by installing 22 dog stations throughout the community on pathways and in parks.  These stations have bags and garbage bins for you to use.

Mt. Park regularly removes the garbage and restocks the bags at these stations.  Next time you are out walking your furry friend and you forgot a bag, please look around and see if there is one of these stations around and pick up after your pet.

Mt. Park also picks up garbage from the bus stops throughout the community helping to keep your neighborhoods cleaned.

Waste Station Map

Please refer to www.mtparkhoa.com/yard-debris for more information.

Mountain Park has miles of walking paths that meander through the parks and natural woodland common property, following tributaries of creeks leading into three watersheds, Oswego Lake, Tualatin River and the Willamette River.

Download a map of the trail system showing all the streets, trails, and parks in Mountain Park, or visit the clubhouse and we’ll provide you with a paper map.

For a digital map and further information please visit www.mtparkhoa.com/outdoors.