Landscape Stewardship – Edible Plants of the Pacific Northwest

As the warm and sunny weather begins to transition to cooler, autumn weather throughout the Pacific Northwest, plants and trees have bloomed and developed many tasty fruits. Forests have become dense with vegetation, flowers have bloomed all over the place, and the aforementioned wild fruits have ripened up. The Northwest, including Mountain Park, is full of a wide array of flora that produce edible fruits, many of which are suitable for human consumption. Exploring the beautiful outdoors Mountain Park has to offer and picking wild fruits is a great way to enjoy some much needed sunshine. Edible plants can be found everywhere, you just need to look. As with any wild plant, it is important to ensure you are correctly identifying plants so exert your due diligence in doing so!

Trees, shrubs, and even lower level groundcover plants throughout Mountain Park produce tasty and nutritious fruits! There are many types of berries throughout the property from the Rubus genus, Rubus meaning cane fruit. Some of these species include Salmonberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, and many more! These fruits are by far the tastiest to find in the outdoors and are typically found as shrubs or lower level groundcovers. While these berries may be hard to find as the weather cools off, they can still be found throughout the common property. Other edible berries which can be found include Red Huckleberry and Elderberry as well. These plants are somewhat sparse throughout Mountain Park but Even the horrid Himalayan Blackberry produces a tasty fruit which is fully ripe now and can serve as a tasty treat while hiking the trails. While Blackberry produces a sweet little treat, we are still working to remove the ever-invasive plant from the property. Cherry, Plum, Pear, and Apple trees can also be found everywhere throughout Mountain Park! These species and many more can be found in our parks, greenbelts, and even along trails and roads. As the weather begins to cool off but is still pleasant, I would highly recommend voyaging outdoors and finding yourselves a snack along the way.

Further information about the Northwest’s edible plants can be found on Portland Nursery’s website or the webpage for the Oregon Native Plant Society. A great app for smartphone users is Picture this–an app dedicated to identifying plants with the snap of a picture. Always be sure of what you are consuming from the outdoors. While something may look suitable for consumption, it is always smart to ensure you know what you are eating!