President’s Message

The Mountain Park Code of Civility
One of the most powerful forces that shaped the thoughts and actions of this country’s first president was a code of behavior based on the “Rules of Civility;” a set of precepts established to guide young men.  George Washington believed that it was his duty to set “a standard to which the wise and honest can repair.” 

Civility benefits each of us individually and benefits our Association collectively.  Simply put, civility is good for our health, quality of life and productivity.  On the other hand, incivility left unchecked will permeate and erode the values we hold dear and the quality of our neighborhood.

With those thoughts in mind, the Board is formally adopting a Mountain Park Code of Civility.  What’s prompting the need to formalize a code for our Association?  The number and frequency of incidents, both in the Clubhouse and outside on common property, over the last two years has increased.  These incidents hurt the staff and members involved, cause needless loss of time and worry, plus damage our reputation.

This Association and this Board particularly are committed to creating an environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and comfortable.  Following the tradition of George Washington and the current day movement by other institutions, including large HOA’s across the country, I am very pleased to introduce a Mountain Park Code of Civility.  Please join with me as we affirm our culture of respect.

Mountain Park Homeowners Association Code of Civility
Mountain Park was founded on the principles of creating a vibrant, diverse social and natural environment that would thrive and serve generations.  We honor those values by affirming the expectations core to the heart of our community.

We aspire to be:

  • A safe, secure, sustainable community free from adverse living or working conditions
  • An environment in which all residents, guests, members and staff are mutually respected, regardless of age, gender, race or religion
  • A community built on responsible and healthy attitudes, actions and interactions
  • A community that models individual accountability in which every person is responsible for their own behavior, words and actions

The Vision for Mountain Park
Mountain Park will be recognized as a progressive and vibrant Homeowners Association with a diverse population of members, residents and staff working cooperatively in a healthy and sustainable community to provide a high quality of life.

Best regards,
Eleanor Kurtus | 503-679-9970 |