Did you forget to pay your semi-annual assessment that was due July 31st

At this point your assessment payment is now late.  Please pay it as soon as possible and don’t forget to add the $50 late fee that is added for the late payment. 

You have two options to pay:

  • Paying online: A flyer was included with your semi-annual bill explaining how to pay online.  It is relatively simple, just sign into our website and click on HOA, then Pay Assessment.  Scroll down and read the information regarding paying online and then click on MAKE A PAYMENT.  You will be directed to the PayLease website where you will input your payment information.  Please note that fees are charged by PayLease for this service.  Please be sure to have your Mountain Park account number handy.  It is located on the top right of your bill.   PayLease does not have your balance due so you will need to pay from your bill.  Be sure to add the $50 late fee to your bill amount. 
  • Paying by check needs to be mailed to the address in North Carolina that is listed on the payment coupon on your bill.  That address is our bank’s payment processing center lock box, so your payment is guaranteed to be processed immediately upon receipt.  To assure that your payment is handled efficiently and not rejected back to our local office, which can take up to 10 days, please write your six-digit account number in the memo line of your check and include your payment coupon.  Don’t forget to add the $50 late fee to your bill amount.  If you use a payment system through your bank, please be sure that your six-digit account number is included in the payment set up and listed on the bill payment check.  Mail your semi-annual assessment payment to:

Mountain Park HOA

PO Box 63041

Charlotte, NC 28263-3041

Lost your bill?  Please contact the Accounting office at 503-635-3561 or with your email address and we will email you a statement.  The $50 late fee will be added to your account balance.