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Architectural review is an essential part of maintaining the aesthetics and property values in Mountain Park. The Architectural Committee was established to oversee, review, approve or deny applications for appropriate building and property use.

Any owner who wishes to begin new construction or make visual changes to the exterior of a property must first submit an application to the architectural committee.  Most modifications such as fences, retaining walls, new paint, landscape alterations, etc., must be reviewed and approved by the committee prior to commencement of work.

It is the responsibility of each Mountain Park owner and/or his agent(s) to read and understand the Declaration of Restrictions and Architectural Policies and Procedures prior to making a submittal to the architectural committee.

A fillable Architectural application is available on this webpage.  Please complete the application and submit all pertinent information by dropping the material off at the Clubhouse or emailing the information to You may want to complete separate applications for projects in the event that a part of the application is denied.  Feel free to contact Mt. Park with any questions of concerns before starting your application.

The Architectural Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month.  Applications are accepted until noon on the Wednesday before the meeting giving staff time to review the information for completeness.  Certain applications may be pre-approved throughout the month at the direction of the Architectural Chair.


Architectural Review Packet


Tree Care Permits are distributed by the City of Lake Oswego, click here to see more information.