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Regan Kinder-Cole

Regan graduated with a degree in Dance from the University of Illinois in 2004. Around that same time, she learned that she has an extra lumbar vertebra and was diagnosed with premature degenerative disc disease. After taking a full year off dancing, she joined the company Key Turn Project and performed with them until 2011. Regan danced and performed through two pregnancies and recurrent injuries to her spine and pelvis. A friend’s suggestion to try Stott Pilates lead her on the path to health and recovery. A recent MRI showed that through Pilates she has healed two bulging discs. It is because of her injuries that Regan has great empathy for those living and coping with pain, and she is passionate about the healing power of Pilates.

Education and Certifications
B.A. Dance
Stott Pilates Mat Levels 1 & 2
NETA Personal Trainer
PiYo Instructor
Barre3 Instructor
Stott Pilates Reformer

Strength and Flexibility
Rehabilitation and Functional Strength

Dance, Nutrition


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