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Red Cross Blood Drive, March 3rd

Mt. Park HOA is proud to sponsor our next blood drive with the American Red Cross on March 3rd.

An estimated 38 percent of Americans are eligible to give blood, but of those, less than 10 percent actually donate each year. If you are healthy and eligible, please come out to donate. Most donations take about an hour, so book your appointment, roll up your sleeve and become a part of the lifesaving mission of the Red Cross. If you don’t know if you’re eligible, show up to find out.

Drive Details:
Drive Date: Friday, March 3rd
Drive Times: 2pm-7pm
Mt. Park primary contact: Melissa
Contact email:
Contact phone number: 503.635.3561

There are many ways you can help, but most importantly we hope you come out to donate.

Thank you for making this drive such a success. Let’s make an impact on March 3rd by adding it to our list of great accomplishments.

Link to register:; Sponsor code: MtParkHOA

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