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Korey Kinney


Korey has been a life-long athlete and outdoor enthusiast competing in open water swimming, cross country skiing and distance running, as well as a successful collegiate swimming career. In 2014 Korey graduated from Whitworth University with a degree in health and exercise science, along with a minor in psychology. In his senior year Korey was able to merge his major and minor fields of study in one research project when he studied the benefits of mental visualization techniques on athletic performance. Which he then presented at the NW National Academy of Sports Medicine conference. With his serious competition now behind him Korey has turned his sights on training for triathlons.

Education and Certifications:
B.A. in Health and Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Published and presented research through ACSM

Swimming and Triathlon training
Weight loss and functional strength
Sports specific training focusing on hypertrophy and strength
Rotator cuff and shoulder strengthening

Hobbies :
Swimming, Biking, Running, Skiing, Hiking, Frisbee Golf

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